Windows 7 Image Backup for Small Business

Windows 7 image backup reduces the possible downtime after severe problems, simplifies the planned system restoration and provides the same business-oriented Windows setup always available under any circumstances that can require changing the environment.

Handy Backup Small Server edition, the most powerful single-server small business backup solution available in the Handy Backup product line, works as the perfect Windows 7 image backup software for any Windows 7 edition. Please look with us for capabilities of this product.

Using Handy Backup Small Server for Windows 7 Image Backup and Restore

Handy Backup contains a dedicated feature called “Disk Image” for backing up entire physical and logical drives, such as Windows 7 system drive. Users can even “backup the backup”, i.e., save a copy of Windows 7 image backup partition traditionally provided by many manufacturers.

With the “Disk Image” option, Handy Backup Small Server performs Windows 7 system image backup in automated mode. All operations complete on the level of logical disk sectors, providing the precise image backup of every single bit placed on the system drive.

Features of Handy Backup Small Server

To create the perfect Windows 7 backup image matching all the possible criteria of security and quality, the Handy Backup Small Server solution is equipped by many useful features. Some of these options will be described at the next table.


Advantage(s) provided by it

Backup Features

Backing up the entire drive or the partition

Allows backing up multi-system drives with MBR

Sector-level backup

Provides exact precision for any backup copy

Storage Features

Saving to local disks or USB-plugged devices

Allows creating local copies and bootable drives

Saving to NASes, FTP/SFTP/FTPS or cloud services

Allows off-site storage for convenient keeping

Keeping versioned backups with time stamps

Saves space for backups and simplifies searching

Data compression and encryption

Provides the extra security and economy of space

Control Features

Scheduling tasks

Automatically creates backups for a given period

Notifying users by E-mails and logs

Keeps users at the command for backup process

Running as Windows service

Executes in “stealth” mode, with no distractions

Starting other programs before or after backup

Allows organizing a workflow of different tasks

Table 1. Handy Backup Small Server features actual for image backup of Windows 7

These features allows turning Handy Backup to the crucial part of any small business backup strategy and overall company-level data defense. Besides the listed options, however, Handy Backup has many other possibilities out of the box, such as backup of any SQL-type database existed.

Restoring Windows 7 System Image Backup

It is not enough to create a Windows 7 backup image; user must be able to restore the system from this backup, either in a “typical” mode (when running the task) or by the “bare” machine containing no workable operating system (e.g., a new computer or a computer after the crash).

To make restoration of Windows 7 image backup, Handy backup provides the two options:

  • Non-active system partitions may be restored via the standard “Disk Image” feature used by Handy Backup restoration task.
  • Restoration from scratch or after the severe crash executes through the special utility called HBDR (Handy Backup Disaster Recovery). Handy Backup users can grab this utility for a free, asking about it in the tech support service.

Equipped with all the features described above, Handy Backup Small Server edition has the most powerful set of functions for such a small business backup task as Windows 7 system image backup. With the Handy Backup Small Server utility at hand, you may completely secure your business data.


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