Easy Backup Software: Handy Backup Small Server to Protect Your Data

Easy backup software: never lose your data

Easy backup software is your way to protect priceless data- photos, videos, music, business documents and other. Start saving it now, so as you don’t regret in the future.  All data, regardless of type and size, is protected with Handy Backup Small Server packed with useful features.

Easy backup and restore software can do all the work for you – it is enough to set up preferred settings once to prevent loss of data in case of unforeseen circumstances, and you can forget about it forever.

Why do we call Handy Backup easy backup software?

Handy Backup Small Server is intuitive backup software friendly to people with different level of experience with computer technologies. So, with zero knowledge and with the highest functionality you can be sure all important data is safe and secure.

Get more than just a backup

Once installed, click to create a new task and you’ll benefit from a variety of settings with our easy backup software for windows:

  • Select files you want to backup (all our small business backup solutions give you an ability to choose files yourself, while sometimes only all data entirely is available for backup)
  • Select location (USB, local hard drives, CD/DVD, across a network etc.)
  • Backups provide data safety only when they are made regularly, so set up scheduler (choose day and even certain time when to start backing up and how often to repeat)
  • Encrypt and compress files (secure chosen files with password and save in Zip to reduce copying time and the size of backups)
  • Specify email notification settings and more (also remember that detailed help files are available)

Native format backup: one of key features of Handy Backup Small Server

It is important to mention that easy auto backup software allows you quickly and easily restore your files in the native format. It means that after backing up you will not see your data copies in specialized formats requiring restoration of a particular copy for using data again. Our easy file backup software will not create unknown types of files, with which you’ll have to tinker for restoration. This data recovery technology is included in all backup solutions for small business.

Our easy backup solutions for windows are designed specifically for small and medium-sized business and are the fastest and easiest way to protect your files. With reliable protection from Handy Backup you can protect data even if you are not familiar with computer technologies and forget about the worries forever.

One solution for many Problems

Handy Backup is available in five editions, but if you want a full-featured utility that lets you back up server applications, recommended solution for you is Handy Backup Small Server.

With simple interface our easy backup software offers plenty of functions, try it and you will be able to safekeep all important data without any difficulties. Download now and be among MOTOROLA, SIEMENS, ROYAL CANIN and others who already use Handy Backup!

You can download easy backup software from the official website of Handy Backup.