Bootable Backup Software For Small Business

Bootable backup software is the best solution if you need more than just copying files. Your operating system, applications, important settings, personal documents and more are easy to safe with Handy Backup Small Server. Our bootable backup software offers backup of the whole hard drive, or any selected files.

Our bootable backup software for Windows can create three types of bootable backup: full, incremental and differential. When incremental type is chosen files that were not changed since previous incremental backup are ignored. With differential type you can update only files that have been modified since previous full backup.

Advantages of using bootable data backup software include, but are not limited to:

  • Undeniable advantage of using bootable disk backup software is that if a hard drive crashes, you can boot data files from the backup and continue working, entertaining and more with all data saved and secured on your computer. Why we say ‘secured’? Because with bootable backup software for Windows, the way you save files is the secure way. Encrypting the backup data with password allows securing chosen files, regardless of type and size.
  • Don’t forget that if accidentally your computer is damaged, the local drive will be lost, so it is advisable to backup to external drives. It is easy with our small business backup solutions, because it offers multiply destinations: CD/DVD, USB, across a network etc.
  • Small business backup may take a lot of time if your drive is full of information, but it can be ignored, because you’ll rely on it many times in the future. However even here Handy Backup wins. With best bootable backup software a backup won’t be too time consuming, because you can compress the backup files to save space and accordingly reduce backing up time.
  • Morning, evening, night – make our bootable disk backup software backing up your files automatically when you want. Set up scheduled backups: you can choose even certain minute you want Handy Backup to start backing up and how often to repeat.
  • Handy Backup doesn’t have specified types of backup. You can choose any files you want.
  • Give name to every backup and quickly find what you want when viewing task history.
  • Handy Backup has intuitive and easy to use interface appropriate for people with different knowledge level of computer technologies.
  • Native format backup is one of key features of our bootable backup software. It means that after backing up you will not see data copies in specialized formats requiring restoration of a particular copy for using data again.

And more useful features at your fingertips available with Handy Backup Small Server.

Even if you think your system is not at stake, you can’t be completely sure, so it is better to get reinsured and create a bootable backup. In this way if danger comes, you will be already prepared. Stop worrying about what might happen with bootable backup software!

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