FTP Backup Software for Small Business

FTP backup software must automate as possible the process of copying or mirroring data from or to different FTP servers. This class of backup tasks is a main part of some unified backup solutions for small business, such as Handy Backup.

Using Handy Backup as automatic FTP backup software for Windows Server 2008 or similar, not only the system administrator but also every user can create, edit, run and schedule operational small business backup tasks, such as saving data via FTP.

Features of Handy Backup

Some key options used by Handy Backup can be very helpful when applying this solution as remote FTP backup software. Let us describe a few of these options:

  • Keeping data in native formats. You can use files and folders from your backups immediately, opening these data in typical processing applications, with no need for previous restoration.
  • Full, incremental and differential backup. Applying to FTP incremental backup software instead of full back up, you may achieve significant economy of time and space used.
  • Downloading data from SQL databases. Many types of FTP backup software tasks may also require saving of SQL database content. Handy Backup can do it automatically.
  • Using timestamps. Backups made by Handy Backup can be stored in some number of versions, with a clear, selectable time stamp used as the part of the name for backup folders.
  • Scheduling small business backup tasks. User can perfectly control backup time, running the particular task automatically for a given period, from minutes to months.
  • Security options. Data can be compressed with or without a password, encrypted, transferred via SFTP or SSH etc. In addition, any failed task repeats automatically to ensure data saving.

This list of FTP backup features is somewhat incomplete, as Handy Backup provides many other useful functions, allowing successfully applying it as remote FTP backup software.

FTP: To and From

Handy Backup can be used for FTP backup by two ways: using FTP as the data source (for example, for saving website content), or as the destination (e.g., for replication of some FTP-based data). Both ways are fully automated.

Using FTP as the data source, the system administrator has some options to store saved data. It may be backed up on some local drive, an external USB-plugged device, remote disk, NAS, commercial cloud or be transferred to other FTP/SFTP/FTPS service account.

As the destination, FTP may serve for any data, assuming the space available under the particular FTP account allows keeping such amount of data. As an example, this technique may be used for mirroring or cloning websites.

About Handy Backup Small Server

Among the different Handy Backup solution packages, Handy Backup Small Server holds a special position. It can satisfy fully and alone all backup needs for standalone server or workstation. The full set of options available just “out of the box” makes the Handy Backup Small Server the perfect backup solution for small business.

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