Hard Drive Image Backup for Small Business

Hard Drive Image Backup for Small Business

Hard drive image backup is really popular among users, since it is necessary to back up not only your priceless data (photos, music, financial documents etc.), but also all user settings, installed drivers and applications, and more. If your hard drive crashes, hard drive image backup will help you to quickly get back to work.

A reliable way to secure information is to backup hard drive as image with Handy Backup Small Server. In other words, Handy Backup can help you to back up software without which Windows can't manage, but you generally never notice it. Handy Backup Small Server works perfectly on MS Windows 8/7/Vista/XP, or Windows Server 2003/2008(R2)/2012(R2). 

Files in their native format

Native format backup is one of key features of our small business backup solutions. It means that after hard drive image backup you will not see data copies in unknown formats, requiring restoration of a particular copy for using data again. So, hard drive image backup and restore is with no additional knowledge in minutes.

Our hard drive image backup software supports three types of backup: full, incremental and differential. With incremental type in a backup set there are only files that have been changed since previous incremental backup. When differential type is chosen in a backup set there are only files that have been changed since previous full backup. It gives an ability to create one full image and then save space on future backups.

The most customization options for creating hard drive image backup

Here are only a few features of our backup solutions for small business:

  • The layout is easy to navigate and understand
  • You can choose yourself what files to backup (while sometimes only all data entirely is available for backup)
  • Select a direction (USB, local hard drives, CD/DVD, across a network etc.)
  • Imaging a disk can be scheduled (choose day and even certain time when to start backing up and how often to repeat)
  • Encrypt and compress image files (files can be password-protected and saved in Zip to reduce copying time and the size of backups)
  • You can easily restore your system to the same state it was when you imaged the disk and more

It is important to mention that hard drive image backup takes a lot of space, so compression of the backup data is needed. This feature is available with Handy Backup Small Server. Files will be saved in Zip format, the most popular compression format among Windows users.

There are a lot of ways how hard drive image backup can work for you, and Handy Backup Small Server is here to help. Handy Backup Small Server is one of the strongest hard drive backup and Windows image backup software solutions to prevent losing your important data after a terrible operating system error.


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