Software for Hitachi Hard Drive Backup & Restoration

Hitachi hard drive backup is exactly what you need if you don’t want to lose important information you rely on. All your files – video, photos, music, business documents, applications and other - are priceless. The best way to protect them is to back up.

A backup file will contain the precise, byte-by-byte copy of a Hitachi hard drive. Make backup as easy as possible with Handy Backup.

So, when it comes to Hitachi hard drive backup, why Handy Backup Small Server?

Hitachi external hard drive backup software has a variety of options for customizing backups. See it for yourself:

  • No specified sets of files to backup, only you decide what exactly you wish to back up
  • To save space you can compress files before Hitachi hard drive backup. Files will be saved in Zip format, the most popular compression format among Windows users. Compression will reduce backing up time as well.
  • Strong security is guaranteed with a password encryption. It makes the simple way to copy files the secure way.
  • Set up scheduled backups and Handy Backup Small Server will do backups automatically without effort on your part.  So, if you forget to backup on a regular base, Handy Backup will do it for you.
  • Handy Backup does offer full Hitachi hard drive backup, incremental and differential. So, again, you can choose exactly what you want. With incremental type you update only those files that were changed since previous incremental backup. When differential type is chosen only files that have been modified since previous full backup are included in backup set.
  • Handy Backup lets you backup your hard drive wherever you want. However it is recommended to choose USB or other external drive when using Hitachi hard drive backup software for not keeping files on the same disk that your system is installed on.
  • You can even choose actions you want to occur before/after backup and more

It is highly recommended that the operating system partition that is backed up remains unchanged during the process. If contents of hard drive are modified while Hitachi hard drive backup software tries to back it up, then the operation may fail.

Now then it is clear that Hitachi external hard drive backup is full of usable features, one more good case is that they take no time to learn, because Handy Backup is intuitive, easy to use Hitachi hard drive backup software.

No restoration is what you will certainly like

No restoration means that after backing up you will not see data copies in specialized formats requiring restoration of a particular copy for using data again. Native format backup is one of key features of Handy Backup.

Handy Backup Small Server is reliable Hitachi hard drive backup software for you. Remember that once you've created Hitachi hard drive backup, you’ve made a big step toward a reliable data protection.

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