How to Setup File Hot Image Backup Program

Hot image backup tool isn't something many of PC people excited until it's too late, when important documents, business information, video or photos are damaged with little or no opportunity of recovery. Don't get the chance of losing the files and documents that make sense the most to you, secure them now with Handy Backup utility.

Handy Backup software features:

  • Full Computer Safety. Handy Backup software is a smart disaster recovery program that offers whole safety for your computer. Store your entire PC containing operating system, data, apps, photos, movies, music, business documentations, and settings - Everything Automatically!
  • Real-Time Disk Hot Image Backup. Using diverse HD imaging approaches, Handy Backup software would back up any operating system you apply. For Windows OS partitions you may perform complete system hot image backup with no requirement to shut down operating system or close any application.
  • Restore from Viruses and Hard Disk Crash. Handy Backup Professional protects your PC after just one click and helps you recover from viruses and infections, unstable program downloads and failed hard disk drives.
  • Recovery Hard Disk. You may create bootable external hard drive to recover image backup from USB, FireWire and other external, remote or network hard drives.
  • Backup Scheduler. No necessity to remember to start backups on a regular base. Handy Backup Professional will automatically save all data for you.

The curious thing, in contrast common backup utility, you will never have do an installation of software or Windows OS again. Make an exact copy of your hard disk and recover it from any global error in minutes, or just back up important documents and recover them even quicker!

Our innovative product delivers everything you wish to rest quietly at night, remembering all of your data is secure and can be simply restored at any moment.

Creating Hot Image Backup

Handy Backup by Novosoft provides a fast and simple technique to perform a hot image backup of the entire hard drive, or each chosen partition, and supports all kind of remote and external hard disk drives (including USB and FireWire drives). So hard drive based method to backups provides the best file protection against operating system fails, appliance failures, and different mistakes, it is strongly suggested for both home and small business users.

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