Backing up Lenovo Computers: Lenovo OneKey vs External Backup Tool

Quick and proof, Lenovo OneKey Recovery 7.0 and later versions of this dedicated Lenovo system backup tool, can save the image of your computer or laptop as the bootable disk image. If your main consideration is the system recovery, well done; else, you need for any more flexible backup tool.

Which functions lacks Lenovo backup tool, compared to the external backup software, such as Handy Backup? Primary deficiencies are the absence of selected data backup and impossibility of storing saved data online, physically moving the backup information outside the typical keeping place.

Principal Features of Lenovo OneKey Recovery 7.0

Being pre-installed to the most Lenovo laptops and desktops, this Lenovo backup software can perform these backup and restoration functions:

  • Snapshot the current system image;
  • Keep the image backed up at the local or removable media;
  • Create the bootable drive using one of the disk images backed up, or manufacturer’s disk image;
  • Schedule system image backups;
  • Restore (rescue) the system image from scratch (using the bootable disk).

No anything special, but at the highest level of reliability, very quick and equipped with friendly user interface guiding every step of backup or restoration.

As mentioned before, it is an excellent tool for recovering your Lenovo system backup from disaster, but not for keeping copies of particular data (or entire data disks); use the Windows built-in backup or external backup software (see below) for these tasks instead.

The Sample External Backup Software Solution: Handy Backup

Handy Backup is one of most well-established unified backup tools ever existed, so it provides some features missed in Lenovo backup tool, such as user-defined files backup or online data storages, just out-of-the-box. It can also be tuned much more flexibly for any backup task.

For the purposes of comparison, let us describing some of principal Handy Backup software features:

  • Saving backup copies of any files, folders, databases, e-mails, Web content, cloud accounts, Windows libraries and entire disk images;
  • Storing saved data in native formats (allowing using data immediately) at the local or external drives, NASes, commercial cloud services allowing backup to Amazon S3 or Google Drive, FTP/SFTP/FTPS servers or dedicated storage service HBdrive;
  • Supporting full, incremental and differential backup for time and size reduction, data encryption and compression for security reasons, keeping versioned backups with clear time stamps for automation of different data-keeping processes;
  • Creating bootable drives from disk image snapshots. For these purposes, Handy Backup provides an entire different software tool, called Disaster Recovery, able to restore from scratch the bootable image of any system drive existed, regardless of OS type;
  • Flexible task scheduling at intervals from minutes to months, and user notifications via E-mail and extended logging, to provide total control over the backup process.

This set of features defines Handy Backup as much more useful tool for any person planning the backup strategy different from saving system images regularly. Especially, the people using the modern technique of online backup can prefer this solution to the built-in Lenovo backup tool.

Download Handy Backup!

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