NAS Backup Software: Flexible Tool to Organize Your Backups

If you have valuable data that you want to protect from damage, network-attached storage (NAS) can be a very good solution. NAS devices are reliable and allow organizing local (non-offsite) backup and restore workflows very effectively. Basically, using NASes as backup storage is one of top trends of the season today!

But when you have a NAS, be it a modest casual device, or a posh pack of hard drives with a lot of bells and whistles, it means completely nothing until you choose and use some proper software for data keeping. NAS hardware provides storage, but time and efforts required for recovering data after critical problems depends almost completely on the software.

NAS with Backup Software: Speed Up Your Workflow

The best NAS backup software is, of course, the software that will provide the most convenient workflow. You can use simple “copy-and-paste” method to store and retrieve data from your network-attached storage, or you can buy a solid, highly automated suite than can save the data for you without any significant effort.

Before you choose and purchase a software solution for your NAS-based backups, you must answer several important questions:

  • How many computers I plan to equip with copies of the software purchased?
  • What is my infrastructure: a home network, a small business network with just only one server, or a big clustered system with multiple workstations and servers running all sorts of tasks simultaneously?
  • And the main question in the universe: how much money my time and nerves are worth, i.e. how much am I ready to pay for the software?

Fortunately, our software gives you positive answers for all these questions! We offer a flexible, durable and comfortable system for all the types of backup and restore, and you can get a licensed version of Handy Backup for any type of infrastructure: home edition, or solution for small business purposes. The price tag is very affordable, too.

Backing up to NAS with Handy Backup can be done in two ways:

  • You can simply install the program (any edition) on your computer(s), and use NAS as a common network share. The device can be accessed by name, or IP address, just like any other network storage.
  • You can install Handy Backup Agent on the NAS, and use it as a part of Handy Backup Network. This approach is more effective than the first one, but requires more configuration efforts.

NAS Backup Storage Software: How to Make It Practical?

While reviews of NAS backup software often concentrate on perils of catastrophic data loss, it is much more useful and productive to consider practical sides:

  1. The best NAS backup software helps you to run backup and restore processes smoothly and does not to disturb your common activity.
  2. It is flexible, meaning that you have a lot of options for safekeeping of your data. These include full, incremental and differential NAS backups, good verison control, logging (so you always know that everything is OK), etc.
  3. If meets your security requirements. Files can be stored in an encrypted form, and no third-party can access them.
  4. And of course, it is reliabile, and the manufacturer provides technical support and a complete, understandable user guide.

With Handy Backup, you can organize your data safekeeping in these aspects:

  • Choose your network-attached storage as the main or auxiliary backup device, scheduling all your backup and restore activity with the NAS chosen.
  • Perform the data keeping and restoration in the service mode or as the backward, screened from user automatic process.
  • Run NAS-to-NAS backups, to protect your workflow on the active network-attached storage system.
  • Have and run different plug-ins that can significantly help you to complete some practical tasks with an ease and comfort. These plugins expands the options for automatic backup of e-mails, SQL databases, Windows libraries, and much more.

We are constantly adding more devices and platforms under which Handy Backup (Linux version) can run. This lets you organize backup process on entire network as the server-based, centralized procedure. This method can significantly reduce the risk of human error, sometimes occurred in routine tasks of planning the backup on many different computers.

With Handy Backup you can not only backup your data to NAS but backup the data from your NAS just as easily. Options provided by the software this manner includes:

  • Backup from the NAS to any DAS (direct-attached storage), such as a USB drive
  • Backup the NAS via the network to local hard drive
  • Backup files from the NAS to DVDs (or other media)
  • Backup the content of your NAS to the cloud service (and Handy Backup provides own cloud for these purposes!)
  • NAS-to-NAS backup.

With these options at hand, you can enforce the data security on your NAS to the greatest peak of safety.

So Why Do You Need NAS Backup Software?

The answer is simple: it adds security, smooth workflows, and maybe even a bit of laziness to your life. NAS backup solutions are the keys to the new level of safekeeping your data.

Comparing a properly organized NAS backup with traditional data-keeping techniques, we can see how easy life can be if you decide to use a NAS backup solutions. We recommend you to get Handy Backup and see how it fits your personal needs (you can work with a trial version even before you get a network-attached storage unit). And then you will enjoy safety and comfort with your data securely kept - for a long time!

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