Offsite Backup

Offsite backup is the most developed and called-for approach to data backup. Being stored offsite, backups are protected from local threats, such as:

  • User mistake. Even if you accidentally corrupt your drive, you'll have a backup to restore which you will only need a network connection.
  • Physical destruction. Even if you have a backup stored on an external HDD, or on a set of DVD discs, it's unlikely that you keep them far from the main PC. The concept of offsite backup is this regard is much more reliable: the office may burn down, the data will survive.
  • Storage failure. Storage media can't last forever having backups on a set of DVD discs doesn’t guarantee that it can really be restored after a data loss event. And as regards offsite backup services, they commonly distribute files across several devices, duplicating them several times to achieve more security.

In addition to the aforesaid, there are other benefits of offsite backups. Some of them are as follows:

  • Ease of use. When using offsite services, you don’t need to care about proper media handling, creating special storage rooms, etc.
  • Data availability. Backups stored in the network are usually accessible via FTP or other protocols that allow connecting the server from any point of the world. If you suddenly require some files while you are away on business, to access your offsite backups you only need to have Internet connection and remember your login data.

Some offsite backup services also provide their users with backup software that facilitates data selection, provides options of data processing, scheduling, notifications and much more. Please check out our utility Handy Backup - we did our best to make it simple and reliable as possible.

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