Business Online Backup Software

Business Online Backup

Handy Backup is one of the most reliable online backup solutions for small business. The software is designed to facilitate the work of IT specialists and reduce costs on company’s backup infrastructure. Online backup for small business provides system administrators with powerful tool that enables to protect all corporate data.

Storing data in a cloud allows decreasing costs on physical media and keeping off maintaining additional server equipment. Novosoft products for corporate usage offer advanced functionality for easy and powerful backup to cloud storage.

Why Online Backup Software from Novosoft?

Variety of data types
You can back up MS Exchange, MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle, Lotus Notes and other valuable data with the Small Server edition.

Centralized administration
You can manage backups of all corporate data from a single computer with the Server Network version.

Guaranteed security
All data can be encrypted and transmitted using protected protocols.

Invisible for users
The software runs as a Windows service and doesn’t interfere with working process.

Flexible scheduling
You can configurate backup and recovery tasks to run at required time intervals.

You can easily increase a number of workstations or enlarge an amount of cloud storage used.

Our solutions for small business support backup to all popular cloud storages. Wide range of available remote destinations allows meeting specific needs of enterprises from different locations. You can download copies from any place of the world and easily restore data to any workstation regardless of corporate environment.

Online Backup Storage Options

You can view, download and delete files in a browser through user-friendly web interface.

Amazon S3 Backup
Advanced security options makes this storage popular for business data protection.

Google Drive Backup
You can use it as a source of data, storage destination or as a folder to synchronize with.

Dropbox Backup
You can share your data securely and privately in the office or across the world

The highest level of security and broad functionality make Small Server and Server Network editions ideal for small businesses interested in powerful online backup solution.

A lot of traveling businessmen will appreciate business online backup software with the help of HBDrive! While traveling on business, you often have to receive and send large amounts of important data. These data may include business letters, reports, presentations, contracts, patents etc. This is when you may start wondering if there is a reliable backup solution which will guarantee that not a tiny bit of this information is lost or stolen. And yes, there is one!

Do your online backup with HBDrive - experience all its power and guarantee 100% security of valuable data! Try now!

We are able to develop customized software for backup service providers. Feel free to contact our specialists to create the solution suitable for your specific needs.