Simple Backup Tool: Drag-and-Drop, Notifications, and Other Features

Backup software with a simple interface is more then a bunch of big shiny buttons in the middle of the screen: it is a philosophy. The one that drives a tool toward having things exactly where you expect them to be, doing stuff quickly, timely informing you on the smooth performance, and having potential for being ultimately customized due to your personal needs and visions. Like Handy Backup 7 and newer versions.

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Backup Software Notifications and Other Yammy Features

Here is a set of options which make the featured software a backup tool with a truly simple interface.

  • Backup software notifications. All the way through the backup process you get informed about your current data protection level and backup progress via email, tray icon notifications, and backup journals.
  • Wizard-based shell. This feature can help first-time users performing a simple backup: step-by-step sequence of backup settings will assist users in adjusting all the necessary options.
  • Drag-n-drop interface. Just drag and drop the “What to back up” folders and files from the explorer window to the simple interface "Where to back up".
  • Intuitive tree structure. The backup tasks and files are displayed in a graphical tree mode. This structure frees you from listing a large number of files: just push “Expand” on a desired directory – and see the files. Following the way, even the entire OS copying can be arranged fast.
  • Folder interface for backed up data. This one is a truly hot one: after the copying, your backup files will be organized in the folder-like manner. You can navigate within your backup files like in a local drive directory.
  • Smooth backup. The software runs in the background mode saving the resources and staying transparent for users. The smooth backup feature gives the simle backup tool an optimized performance, with the reduced system memory usage.

The name Handy Backup speaks for itself: this product must be backup software with a simple interface. Add one of the market’s most powerful set of functional features, permanently growing collection of plug-ins for accurate data backup, software segment’s exclusive options (like browsing backup files), and SDK tools for making your own features, and you will get the industry’s finest simple interface example. Try now!